Welcome to Christmas 1944 Bastogne

Come Be Part of a Unique Walk Through Event:
Showings on December 13 - 16 December 20 - 23

Thanks for Attending and Supporting the Event!


Thanks for attending! Watch here for the video release so you can experience the event again.


Fast Pass Registration Has Exceeded 1300 People!

Today we are excited to announce that the number of people that have reserved a fast pass for Christmas 1944 is over 1,300! We are very excited about the huge demand we have experienced for the event. We are looking forward to the very first night on December 13. If you have not yet reserved your fast pass and would like to be sure you have a spot please do that before all the fast passes are gone.  You are always welcome to show up and we will work you in. Reserve your spot now. If you have any questions you may use the chat widget on the lower right hand side of this page. 

Listen to our Announcement on Rhett Palmer Live

Listen to our announcement about Christmas 1944 on the Rhett Palmer Live radio show. 


Registration is Now Open

We are pleased to announce that you may obtain your Fast Pass to the Christmas 1944 event. Get your fast pass here.

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